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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
August 12, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Owen points out to Donna that she's going to have to live with her decision today to end Eric's life. He convinces her to wait until she's more certain about her decision which upsets Ridge.

Owen tries to talk with Ridge but he points out that Owen doesn't know Eric. After Owen leaves, Donna gets a chance to tell Ridge about the remarkable work being done with coma patients.

He starts sobbing as he realizes that he almost killed Eric earlier at the hospital and takes her hand in thanks for making him see the light.

Later, Ridge tells Brooke that he was mistaken to think that pulling the plug on his father was the right thing to do.

Getting a moment to share a passionate kiss at the Forrester outdoor spa, Marcus worries to Steffy about her father seeing them together.

She invites him to accompany her to the Hollywood Bowl for a picnic in public but then comes up with an idea for their next date, promising to text him later.

After she leaves, a co-worker warns Marcus that he saw Owen leaving with a very upset Donna. At home, Donna thanks Owen for his advice and when he offers to call her later, he invites him to stay because she's so alone.

He responds that he came back because he knew she would need him. He then embraces her and, later, as they dance to remind her about a special time with Eric, Donna asks him to stay and help her.

Owen agrees but warns her that he's attracted to her. He kisses her but she pushes him back, telling him that "it" can't happen because she wants her husband back. He promises that he won't cross the line.

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