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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
August 13, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Shocked to find him staying at his mother's place, Marcus asks Owen to leave his mother alone, calling her "vulnerable" right now.

Owen claims he can't do that and leaks that he helped her stand up against Ridge earlier as he tried to get her to let him pull the plug on Eric.

Marcus angrily confronts Ridge about trying to force his mother's hand, telling him he had no right to do what he did.

Ridge admits that he realized in time that he was wrong. Lecturing him about adding more stress between the two families, Ridge demands that he stay away from his daughter.

Steffy makes plans to reserve a beach side cabanna for the afternoon. As she gets the place ready, Rick finds her there, as he scouts out the new cabanas for use by him and Taylor.

Steffy proudly announces that she's invited Marcus there because she's in love with him. Later, when Marcus arrives, she talks about their future together and kisses him.

Taylor is taken aback when Bridget asks her to name Katie as Jack's godmother but eventually tells her "let's do it."

After Beth questions her health, Katie's forced to confirm that she's pregnant. Katie quickly gets her to promise not to tell anyone.

Beth then realizes that it's Nick's baby and points out how upset Brooke will be. Bridget interrupts and asks Katie to be Jack's godmother.

Beth points out this should be Nick and Taylor's decision but Bridget boasts that she already asked them and got their approval.

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