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The Bold and the Beautiful
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Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

When Katie points out that she's not going to be around for a long time and thus wouldn't make a good godmother, Bridget presses her to do as she's asked.

Katie asks her to stop calling her perfect but Bridget claims that she's been perfect for her.

Bridget begins to suspect that something else is bothering her but Beth finally steps up and reminds Bridget that being a godmother is a big job and that Katie already has a lot in her life.

Bridget leaves but once again pushes Katie to be Jack's godmother.

When she returns home to Nick and admits what she's done, Nick reminds her that they agreed that they would talk about this first.

Bridget ignores that and claims that Katie is acting really strange and therefore really needs to be the baby's godmother. She implores Nick to go convince Katie and he reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Katie cries to her mother about what she has done. After Beth leaves, Katie suffers a panic attack.

At the cabana Steffy and Marcus kiss. When she tells him that she wants him, Marcus claims they can't have sex until her family accepts him.

Both agree they've been attracted to each other since the first day they met. Admitting he was warned not to fall in love with her, Marcus confesses that he has but warns her how much she has to lose if she stays with him.

Steffy downplays his fears concerning her father and asks him to prove his love right now. After having sex, Rick urges Taylor to take some time away from the baby and go to one of the new beach cabanas for some fun together.

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