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The Bold and the Beautiful
August 19, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke tries to calm Marcus but he insists that Owen must have had something to do with Eric's heart attack.

Owen tries to convince Donna to forget about going to the hospital to see Eric. As he does so, Marcus barges into the mansion and orders Owen to get away from his mother and leave.

Though his mother protests, Owen leaves. Marcus then asks about the bottle of gin Owen gave Eric and learns that Eric did make and drink a martini with the gift.

She also reports that Owen poured the bottle down the drain after Eric's attack which makes Marcus even more suspicious. He pleads with his mother to stay away from Owen.

In Eric's hospital room, Ridge asks Bridget if there's any way they can determine if Eric is in pain. Bridget asks him to stop blaming himself for thinking it would be best to let Eric die.

When Jackie stops by, Ridge invites her to spend some time with Eric. Near his bed, Jackie tells the comatose man that this wouldn't have happened to him if he had chosen her as his lover.

Later, Marcus meets Steffy at the hospital and pulls Bridget aside to ask her to run a test on Eric's blood.

He explains that he thinks Owen might have poisoned Eric to get his widow and his fortune. Meanwhile, Owen returns to Donna and badmouths her son, assuring Donna that all he has done, he's done for her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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