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The Bold and the Beautiful
August 20, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

At the hospital Carl advises Bridget and Brooke that he put a rush order on the blood test results. Steffy's relieved when she finds Marcus spent the night at Donna's place.

She demands to know what's going on but he only say it involves Owen. After Steffy leaves, Marcus is not pleased to hear Owen bringing coffee as he calls out for "beautiful."

Marcus demands that he stay away from his mother.

Owen presses Marcus to admit what he doesn't like about him but when Marcus won't say, Owen insists on starting his day with Donna.

The two start to fight until Donna interrupts and leaks that Marcus thinks that Owen drugged Eric and caused his heart attack.

Owen is shocked by the claim and tells Donna that if his help isn't needed then he's going to leave. Marcus points out that he's running away but Owen claims he's not going to take this from anyone.

As he tries to leave, Bridget interrupts with the results of the test that show that Marcus was correct in thinking Eric was poisoned.

Thorne and Felicia are against it when Ridge asks them to join him in apologizing to Donna for trying to take over the company.

He explains that he wants them all to come back to work to make the company successful for Eric's sake. Steffy overhears Ridge asserting that Donna had Eric's best interests at heart.

Steffy congratulates her father who then claims that Owen too needs an apology. Felicia and Thorne agree to go along with Ridge's plans.

Steffy asks her father to consider accepting Marcus too.

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