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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Meeting with Dr. Seifert in Eric's hospital room, Stephanie advises him that her ex-husband would not want to be kept alive by machine.

Admitting he's a religious man, the doctor suggests they remove the respirator to see how well Eric could breathe on his own to help give them more information on what to do.

Brooke finds Ridge, Thorne and Felicia about to go see Donna to apologize. She spills the beans about Bridget's decision to test Eric's blood and updates Stephanie when she arrives.

Felicia is quick to blame Donna and when Thorne agrees, Brooke insists that her sister wouldn't hurt Eric. She leaks that Marcus thinks Owen did this so they assume that Donna is working with Owen.

As Marcus points his finger, Owen denies doing anything to Eric and asks Donna to confirm this. Bridget states that Eric's heart attack was due to an increase in potassium in his system.

Marcus tries to attack Owen but is stopped by Lieutenant Baker and his son Charlie who Bridget called earlier. Marcus points at Owen and tells the police that he tried to kill Eric.

Donna conforms that Eric had his attack about an hour after drinking the martini. Marcus tells Lieutenant Baker that Owen then got rid of the bottle.

When potassium chloride pills are found up in Donna's lingerie drawer, Baker insists that Donna come down to the station house with him.

But as she starts yelling and the police escort her out, Owen announces that he's the person who tried to kill Eric. Beth's uncomfortable when Stephen badmouths Eric and claims they don't have to worry about him anymore.

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