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The Bold and the Beautiful
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August 28, 2008

On today's The Bold and the Beautiful, Donna is thrown to the ground by her masked attacker and wakes to find she's alone. She hops into the car and heads up to the cabin at Big Bear to hide out.

She calls Marcus and claims that she thinks her attacker was Stephanie. Marcus leaks the news to a worried Owen and then brings Steffy to the jail to bail Owen out.

Lieutenant Baker allows Owen to read through the report on the contents from Eric's stomach and Owen realizes that the drug was put in Pam's lemon bars. Owen grabs a police car and hurries up to Big Bear.

Donna then calls Brooke who arrives at the mansion and finds the place a mess. She also discovers Stephanie's keys in the front door and calls Stephanie who claims she's been looking all day for them.

Pam's furious when Earl calls from the cabin to report that Donna is on her way up to Big Bear. Ann calls Stephanie and admits that she's worried about Pam.

She explains that her doctor called to report that Stephanie's sister failed to pick up her medication. When Stephanie downplays her forgetfulness, her mother reveals that she found a bag filled with pill bottles which show that she hasn't taken her medication since June.

Stephanie advises Ridge, Brooke, Steffy and Marcus about the problem and advises them that Pam might be a danger to herself and others because of this.

Trying to relax at the cabin, Donna's perturbed when Pam arrives, wearing a fishing outfit and carrying a rod and reel.

She secretly shuts off Donna's cellphone and pulls out the land line phone before pushing Donna to eat one of her lemon bars.

Donna claims she's not hungry but then takes one to get Pam to stop talking. However, when she throws the bar out, Pam grabs the shotgun and orders Donna not to move.

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