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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
August 29, 2008

On Friday's The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Driving a police car up to Big Bear, Owen calls Marcus to tell him that Pam is the person who poisoned Eric. Marcus claims his mother is safe at Big Bear but Owen points out Pam is there too.

Stephanie is quick to defend Pam but Ridge remembers when Pam interrupted an important meeting with Eric to bring him lemon bars, hours before his attack. He decides to drive them all up to the cabin.

As Pam points a shotgun at her, Donna flashes back on all the threatening moments she's had with Pam since she started dating Eric.

Donna gets her to talk about poisoning Eric and the deranged woman admits that something went wrong. Crying, she calls it a terrible accident and insists that she loves Eric and never meant to hurt him.

Pam then states that she can't allow her to get away with this. When Donna tries to run out, she stops in her tracks as she sees a bear at the door. Pam knocks her out and ties her up.

When she comes to, Donna finds Pam squirting honey all over her in hopes that the bear outside devours her. Donna pleads with her to let her go but Pam opens the door to let the animal inside.

Owen arrives and manages to chase off Pam and then the bear. He unties Donna who quickly embraces him. Outside, Pam hugs her shotgun as she cries for Eric to come back.

When the others arrive, Owen and Pam explain what happened. Stephanie offers to accompany the police to find her sister. Ridge points out that Owen lied for Donna's sake and then apologizes to Donna for not believing her.

Steffy gets her father to thank Marcus for all he did. Outside, Steffy kisses Marcus and calls him her hero. In the bedroom, Donna thanks Owen who professes his love and claims "this was meant to be."

He then kisses her and pulls her into bed. At the hospital Eric emerges from his coma and mutters Donna's name.

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