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Dr. Patrick advises Katie that he can't encourage her to continue with her pregnancy. Nick interrupts. After her doctor leaves, Katie downplays the warning and thinks it's time to tell Bridget.

She then points out that it will eventually be him and Bridget raising their child since she won't last long with a borrowed heart.

The two argue until Nick agrees to tell Bridget tomorrow. As everyone gathers to discuss the shocking revelation about Pam, Stephanie blames herself for Eric almost losing his life.

She reports that the police are guarding Eric and keeping an eye on Donna. Felicia quickly adds that Owen is also keeping watch over Donna.

Stephanie excuses her sister's deranged actions and guesses that she is doing it for her sake.

Taylor concurs and describes her own theory.

Later, Stephanie sits by Eric's hospital bed and vows to not to rest until he comes to. As she puts her head down, Eric opens his eyes again.

Running from the cabin, Donna tells Owen that she is unable to have sex with him because she's in love with Eric. Owen assures her that he understands but then urges her to get past her feelings.

Donna starts talking about Eric urging her to move on with her life should something happen to him. When they both see a shooting star, Donna calls it a sign that she was meant to move on with her life. The two then kiss.

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