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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 2/28/08

After Nick (Jack Wagner) advises Brooke that he's hired her brother to handle the legal aspects of protecting Jack, Storm arrives. Nick explains his concern for Taylor and the care of their son. Hearing that she's drinking again, Storm asks Brooke if she had anything to do with Nick's decision to seek legal protection. Brooke leaks that she is actually Jack's biological mother. Nick then reveals he wants an emergency hearing.

However, he also warns that he doesn't want Taylor "dragged through the mud."

Hugging him, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) thanks Rick for his support and asks him to take a quick look around the house and get rid of any alcohol that he may find. Rick asks if she has ever considered that it might not be her "place in life" to be Jack's mother which causes Taylor to ask him what he thinks her role is. Rick is about to go kiss Taylor but they're interrupted by a process server.

Taylor blasts Nick for trying to take her son from her and guesses that Brooke is responsible.

Ridge assures Phoebe (Mackenzie Mauzy) that while Taylor has been going through a tough time lately, he also claims that she's back on track and doesn't want Phoebe to worry about her. Felicia interrupts and suggests that they have a golden opportunity to reunite Eric and Stephanie as they celebrate their anniversary. Alone with Felicia, Ridge claims that Eric seems happy with Donna.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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