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The Bold and the Beautiful

Episode Recap, Feb. 29, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge is upset Brooke is supporting Nick’s decision to take Taylor to court and reminds Brooke that she is the one who hurts their relationship. Ridge believes that Brooke must separate herself from Nick in order for them to have a future together. Rick calls Brooke to ask her to stay away from the hearing because her presence could make things worse for Taylor.

Storm thinks Brooke should be at the courthouse to help Nick’s if need be.

Brooke agrees but asks Storm to only call on her only if absolutely needs ed Taylor assures Rick and her lawyer that she will have no problem staying in control since Brooke won’t be at the hearing. Taylor enters the room and is rattled to see Brooke there. Brooke tries to calm Taylor down, but Taylor becomes emotional and yells that Brooke will never take Jack away. In the midst of her tirade, Taylor lunges at Brooke.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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