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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 11, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke quickly asks Nick how Katie is doing. He assures her both Bridget and Katie are fine.

Brooke surprises Bridget with her grandmother's pearls. Rick brings Taylor to the house which doesn't please Ridge.

Rick goes upstairs to tell Bridget how happy he is for her.

Donna confides to Jackie that she's hoping Nick comes to his senses about marrying Bridget. Jackie insists that her son loves Bridget.

Upstairs, Nick assures Brooke that he is going to make Bridget very happy. When Bridget sees Katie all dressed for the ceremony, she compliments her on how "hot" she looks.

She then describes the "special" arrangement she's arranged with the Justice of the Peace, Mr. Morton. He arrives and explains that she's got the papers that give her, for one day, the power to marry Bridget and Nick.

Katie reluctantly accepts the challenge. After the ceremony begins and Nick stands next to Bridget, he's stunned when Bridget leaks to him and their families that Katie is going to marry them.

The crowd of family and friends sit nervously in their chairs as Bridget explains that she was just "deputized" so this is a legal ceremony.

However, as she starts reading, she suddenly stops and announces that this isn't right. She tells the crowd that this wedding can't go on until everyone knows how she feels.

Until next week on The Bold and the Beautiful ....

The Bold and the Beautiful
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