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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 21, 2008

When she can't wake Eric, Donna calls for an ambulance and, as the EMTs take him to the hospital, they warn her that he may have suffered a heart attack. There, Donna spots Bridget and urges her to help Eric.

Catching Brooke and Ridge kissing in the office, Rick offers them congratulations upon hearing that they are "moving ahead" with their wedding. He's shocked when Ridge reports that Eric has offered to gift them the company as a wedding present.

Rick doesn't believe them and points out the document hasn't been signed yet. Rick is outraged that he wasn't told and doubts Ridge's claims that the company will be divided up fairly. He's also disgusted by their attitude about Donna. Just then, Donna calls about Eric's heart attack.

After Thorne, Felicia, Brooke and Ridge arrive, Bridget reports that Eric did have a heart attack. Donna insists on getting a chance to be alone with her husband and each adult child follows with a few words of their own at his bedside.

Bridget reports the tests show Eric is actually in a coma after blood flow to his brain stopped for a moment. As the horrible truth sinks in, Donna tries to cry to Ridge who blames her for what has happened.

Outraged, Donna points out his attempt to take the company is the reason Eric's in the hospital. Marcus chats with Steffy about Donna's decision to hire Owen.

She calls the new guy a smooth-talker. He points out that his mother always seems to surround herself with the wrong people. Marcus finds the unsigned document transferring the company from Eric and Ridge and shows it to Steffy.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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