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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
July 22, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Marcus helps Donna collect a few things from Eric's office to bring to the hospital to help her "honey bear." When he shows her the document he found earlier, Donna confirms that this was Ridge's idea.

She leaks that Eric mentioned last night that he wants to put him in his will. Later, Ridge confronts Donna and tells her not to worry about Forrester Creations.

She vows that when Eric comes back, he'll be as strong as ever. She points out Eric still owns the company but Ridge claims Eric agreed behind closed doors to let him and Brooke take over the company.

Donna tells him he's mistaken which leads to an argument. She insists that Eric changed his mind about giving him and Brooke the company.

Ridge responds that when he gets better, he can come back as a designer and argues that it's best for everyone if he and Brooke "work their tails off" to make Forrester a success again.

When Ridge doubts that Eric really changed his mind, Donna resents the implication and asks him to delay any changes until Eric is better.

Instead, Ridge announces that he's taking over the company today and signs the document. Stephanie arrives at the hospital and finds Bridget crying at Eric's bedside.

Thorne is there to support his mother as Stephanie takes her place near her ex. Later, with Steffy in the room, Marcus talks to Eric, encouraging him to pull through for his and Donna's sake.

He also thanks him for wanting to put him in his will, insisting that he wants to do everything he can to make him proud. Out in the hallway, when Steffy starts crying, Marcus offers his support and kisses her.

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