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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

When Thorne and Ridge question Donna's decision to fire them in front of the reporters, she claims she's acting in the best interests of the company. Felicia asserts that Donna is out of her mind.

When Jarrett and the other reporters start asking Ridge questions, Owen steps up and kicks them out. After they leave, Felicia warns Donna that she's going to ruin Eric's company and Ridge blasts her for betraying Eric.

He warns her to change her mind or she will be out of their lives for good. After they leave, Brooke urges her to reconsider and she eventually agrees to think about it.

Hearing that she fired the family, Pam confronts Donna and dares her to fire her but Donna instead moves her downstairs to general reception because Eric wouldn't fire her.

Offering him a couple of her freshly baked lemon bars, Pam tries to lecture Owen about trusting Donna but he defends his new boss.

Pressed by her sister, Donna refuses to change her mind and asks Brooke to help her run the company. Instead, Brooke walks out.

As Donna panics, Owen encourages her to know that she can do this. However, as he tries to pump her up with compliments, he suddenly leans in and kisses her.

Donna quickly pulls back and says this is all wrong as she runs from the office. Later, Felicia defends her decision to bribe Owen but Ridge and

Thorne point out that Donna wouldn't have cheated on her "meal ticket." Worried the company will be destroyed, Ridge suddenly decides that he must act and runs out.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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