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The Bold and the Beautiful
July 31, 2008

Episode Recap

Marcus ends up arguing with Donna about why she hired Owen and points out that all of his help actually happened after she hired him.

He warns her that Owen flirted with her and wormed his way into the job but Donna doesn't want to talk about it.

While Donna takes Owen out for a chat, Marcus ends up confiding in Brooke about Owen, admitting he doesn't like some of the decisions his mother made.

He leaks that Owen told him he has feelings for Donna and in spite of a long list of concerns about Owen's scheming, Brooke claims that no one is going to take advantage of her sister.

Marcus then mentions the break-in at her mother's bedroom the other night and guesses that he was responsible.

Owen apologizes to Donna about making her uncomfortable but then vows to help her retain everything she has fought so hard to keep.

Owen tells her that he's here for her whenever she needs him. Donna thanks him and thinks that Marcus might be jealous.

However, she tells him that because of how Marcus feels, she thinks it might be best if he was to leave.

Claiming something "powerful" has happened to him, he agrees that it might be best for him to go but then asks again if she's sure this is what she wants.

At the door, he gives her a little kiss and tells her that he adores her. He then kisses her on the lips and says goodbye.

Katie brings Nick a pie that Beth baked and is pleased when Bridget hands her Jack.

While Nick takes Jack up to bed, Bridget worries to Katie about Eric's condition but Katie assures her that she has plenty of people to support her.

Over dinner, Bridget surprises Katie with a photo of Katie and Nick from their "prom."

As she leaves, Nick eyes Katie when Bridget suggests that the three of them go to Catalina Island together. Katie quickly suggests another idea instead.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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