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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

After putting her to bed, Nick assures a weak Katie that he's not going anywhere. He panics when she starts struggling to breathe.

Bridget is startled by what she finds on the Internet and quickly calls Dr. Patrick, boasting that she might be able to save Katie's life.

When the doctor arrives, he agrees that a change in the protocol could mean life for Katie. Brooke is thrilled but insists that they treat Katie at home rather than rush her to the hospital.

The two hurry to Nick's place but find an angry Nick in the living room, warning them that it's too late.

Upstairs, Bridget finds a pulse and quickly orders Brooke to help her get things set up for her. Nick won't allow it but Bridget insists they try to save her life.

Steffy congratulates Ridge on making the special dress for Katie to wear. When he gets a call, Ridge complains to his daughter that Donna is overstepping things at Forrester.

After he promises not to badmouth her because of Katie's condition, Ridge gets her talking about Marcus, an "interesting" guy she met down in shipping.

Warning him not to tell Eric about her interest in him, Steffy does admit that she thinks he got the job because of Donna since he doesn't have any experience.

Donna's amused to see how excited Marcus is about his new job but then fights to hold back her tears as she tells him that his Aunt Katie is dying.

He points out that she accepted him right away when he came to town. Steffy returns to work and spots Donna holding Marcus' hand.

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