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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Assuring Katie that she is alive, Nick, Bridget, Donna and Brooke welcome her back. Bridget explains that she found a study being conducted in Sweden that enabled her to find the right treatment to save Katie's life.

Brooke asks Nick if Katie told him what happened years ago at her prom. He admits she did and adds that she was truthful and honest about her thoughts and feelings.

Later, Nick thanks Bridget for her heroic efforts last night, especially since Katie got so close to him. Bridget insists she's secure in their love.

Bringing her lunch, Stephanie asks Steffy why she's working in shipping and receiving. Steffy gives her reasons and assures her that she's having fun with Jack.

Pam interrupts Marcus as he works and asks about his qualifications. He responds with a smart remark which sends her on her way.

When Donna stops by with the good news about Katie, Marcus asks her to give her sister his best. Calling what she witnessed a miracle, Donna decides to tell everyone today that he is her son.

He warns her about the uprising going on with Ridge and the others who claim that she will be the downfall of this company

Marcus also admits he doesn't know if he wants to be a member of a family that doesn't like her. Donna changes her mind

When Steffy questions him about why he was hired, Marcus lies to cover Donna's involvement and points out her decision not tell him she's a Forrester.

Admitting his background check was waived, Pam urges Steffy to investigate Marcus. Brooke boasts to Stephanie about Katie's "miracle" comeback and eventually breaks down in her arms, emotionally drained by all that has happened.

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