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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 17, 2008
Episode Recap

On today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, asking him to be honest with her, Katie tells Nick that life is short so she wants him to admit whether he's in love with her. Before he can, Bridget interrupts.

Katie thanks her for allowing her to spend all this time with Nick and later, advises Nick that she can't betray Bridget and will not act on her feelings for him.

Marcus is touched when Brooke calls it a miracle that he found Donna at this time. When Donna again says it's not time yet to reveal their secret, Brooke tells Marcus that she agrees that the timing is still not right.

Eric interrupts so the two women cover.

Eric seeks Marcus' advice on his latest drawings and though he points out he knows nothing about fashion, Eric reminds him he knows what he likes to see women wearing.

Ridge suggests to Felicia and Steffy that Marcus may be spying on them for Donna. Though Thorne's calls to Texas show Marcus was honest about his job application, Felicia claims she can sense he's hiding something.

She convinces them to let her go through his backpack. She looks through his wallet but finds nothing. After Felicia, Ridge and Thorne leave, Steffy starts to close the backpack but finds another pocket and finds his birth certificate.

She's shocked to read that he's Donna's son but as she turns to call out for Ridge, Steffy realizes Marcus has caught her.

Tune in to tomorrow's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful!

The Bold and the Beautiful
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