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The Bold and the Beautiful
June 25, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Felicia and Thorne are amused when Ridge leaks that Marcus is actually Donna's son and that he hasn't told Eric yet.

He goes on to say that he's waiting for the facts from his P.I. Jarrett interrupts and warns that the fashion press is about to give Eric a hard time because of Donna.

Ridge admits they did a survey and found their customers felt that the Donna-inspired fashions Eric is creating are too risque. When the reporter claims that there are fellow writers who think Eric is out of his mind for marrying another Logan, Ridge defends the family.

Jarrett points out it's not him writing that way and they thank him for his support as he leaves. Later, Rocky arrives with the facts he's uncovered from Texas and, looking through Marcus' file, Ridge and the others realize that Marcus is Donna's son.

Ridge decides that Eric must find out the truth tonight and end his marriage. Eric lectures Marcus about changing a procedure in the mail room without asking him first. He complains to Steffy who vows to support him once Eric knows the truth.

Eric stops by the mail room and apologizes for being curt with Marcus. He likes the change he came up with and asks him to get the okay from Thorne. Thrilled, Marcus hugs Steffy. Ridge insists on meeting with Eric who tries to put him off until tomorrow.

Instead, he agrees to see Ridge and the others later. Marcus overhears and calls to warn Donna. Katie thanks her mother for coming to see her and puts off asking for the reason she waited this long.

Thanks to a word from Nick, Brooke interrupts and embraces her mother, welcoming her back to the family.

They all ask her to stay in L.A. but she slips out long enough to call a friend to arrange for her to leave for Paris tomorrow morning. Stephen worries to Nick about Beth's arrival and what it might mean to the family.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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