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The Bold and the Beautiful
March 24, 2008

After yelling at them to stop kissing, Brooke physically pulls her son away from Taylor and then slaps her.

Calling her a "sick woman," Brooke accuses Taylor of deliberately going after Rick in order to get even with her for taking Jack. Taylor can't believe the accusation. Brooke then announces that she is not going to allow this to happen and demands that they never see each other again.

Taylor claims that Brooke has now made her realize how supportive Rick has been and thanks him.

Rick tells his mother that they have genuine feelings for each other and admits that he wants to examine those feelings and see how far they go. Brooke calls it ridiculous but Rick denies it. Brooke finally leaves in disgust as Rick apologizes for his mother. Admitting he kissed her for her sake and for Brooke's sake, Rick then grabs Taylor and kisses her again. Back at her place, Rick confesses that he wants to kiss her and make love to her.

Before leaving for Genoa City and the "Restless Style" launch party, Ashley confides to Ridge that she was having doubts about her decision to move to L.A. but has changed her mind, thanks to how happy she's been lately.

Bridget thanks Katie for pushing her to go back to Nick and to start a new relationship. She goes on to report that all the old feelings have come back for both of them.

Jack overhears as Bridget asks her sister who else could come between her and Nick. Nick interrupts and when Bridget suggests they find a man for Katie, who puts a stop to the idea. Brooke runs to Ridge and cries that Taylor has seduced her son. Ridge doesn't believe her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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