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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 3/25/08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke finally gets through to Ridge by reminding him of what Rick did to Phoebe. Later, Brooke again tells Rick that she wants him to end his relationship with Taylor.

Rick admits he's going to have a dinner with Taylor in hopes of exploring "all of their relationship."

Ridge pays Taylor a visit and lectures her about "putting on a show." Taylor insists that Rick has genuine feelings for her and orders him to get out if he can't accept that. He warns her about getting involved with Rick for Phoebe's sake but Taylor counters that Phoebe hasn't been with Rick in months.

Taylor points out that Rick is the only man Brooke can't seduce away from her.

As Rick arrives with flowers, Taylor assures Ridge that she's not in love with Rick and promises she will not let it become intimate ever. Katie updates Donna about her busy schedule tomorrow for Forrester. When Eric tries to talk with Pam about scaring Donna, Pam laughs off the charge, telling Eric that Donna has no sense of humor.

Pam then badmouths Donna, telling Eric that he deserves so much better.

Eric insists she respect his decision, denying that Donna is a "ditzy blond" and Pam goes through Donna's appointment book and gets the name of the tanning salon she's visiting later today. When Donna enters the spray-on tanning booth, Pam locks her inside so that her 30 second spray goes on and on.

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