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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, March 7

Part One
Stephanie and Felicia are thrilled when Kristen returns for the party. Also then welcomes her deranged sister Pam when she arrives. Before heading to the mansion, Eric stops by Donna's hotel room to assure her that she has nothing to worry about because his heart belongs to her. After he leaves, Donna worries to Katie about Eric being ambushed tonight at the "freakin' Forrester love fest." At the Forrester mansion Eric is thrilled to see Kristen and welcomes Pam back though she claims she has to leave to walk her dog.

Part Two
Ridge (Ronn Moss) asks Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to decide right now whether she wants to be with him. Brooke announces that of course she wants only him and suggests that they get married right away. Brooke urges him to announce their plans at his parents' party tonight and then go wherever they want to in the world. Instead, Ridge is suspicious of her decision so Brooke gets down on one knee to ask him to marry her. Nick's impressed when Bridget picks up a crying Jack and the crying baby calms.

Part Three
Mentioning how this could have been their own baby, Bridget tells Nick that she can be there for him now that he's a single parent. She also wonders if the egg mixup was meant to be so that they could be together again. Teary-eyed, she hands him the blanket she knitted for their little girl and invites him to let Jack use it. Donna is frightened when Pam stops by her room with her dog "Tiny." Pam angrily warns her to stay away from Eric but when Donna boasts that she's going to marry him, Pam vows to kill her.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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