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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5/16

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Bridget packs her things at the beach house, as bubbling Stephanie arrives, talking about how beautiful the ocean is. Nick stops by Katie's hospital room with a bag of pistachios and an L.A. Lakers jersey for her.

He then offers to help her work on a jigsaw puzzle. Later, after a text from Bridget that she's now "homeless," Katie warns him about taking the big step to ask Bridget to move in with him.

But when Bridget arrives and mentions seeing a for rent sign on the way to work, Katie blurts out that she should stay with Nick. His hand forced, Nick agrees and Bridget thanks him.

When the mystery man stops by the Forrester mansion, Eric leaves Donna to deal with him. He assures her that he's not with the catering company and introduces himself as Marcus.

She interrupts and guesses that he's a tabloid reporter trying to get a scoop on her brother's death. Marcus insists he isn't a reporter and when she asks if they've met before, he asks if she is his mother.

Eric arrives at the beach house and Stephanie remarks that he's acting like they are still married. He claims he just wanted to make sure the move to the beach house went okay.

Felicia calls the move a good idea so she doesn't have to be around a person like Donna. Thorne also warns Eric that Donna is not to be trusted.

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