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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie's encouraged to move in with someone who can make her smile during her recovery. Stephanie is amused when Eric continues to make suggestions about living at the beach house.

She finally suggests that he go home to his new wife but then gives him a moment to think when she mentions the idea of having any children with his young bride.

Admitting that he was adopted, Marcus shows Donna a photo of him as a baby and reveals that he found her name attached to the photo. He asks her if she gave up a baby boy for adoption. Donna answers by telling him "I'm sorry."

After he leaves, Donna starts crying as she stares at the photo he left behind. Pam arrives and Donna quickly assumes that she is responsible for bring Marcus into her life. Pam doesn't know what she's talking about but decides to do some snooping of her own.

Nick welcomes Bridget and her things to his place and kisses her. He's astounded when she suggests that they invite Katie to come stay with them. They rush to the hospital where they find Katie being wheeled out to a nursing home and announce that she is coming home with them.

Katie fights the idea at first but when the nursing home reps try to press the issue, Nick and Bridget kidnap a grateful Katie.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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