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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 5/22

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie offers to help Donna find some proof that the man who visited her is actually her son. Before the meeting at Forrester, Eric resents Felicia badmouthing Donna and warns her, Ridge and Thorne that they are to respect his wife.

When Donna arrives late for the meeting, Ridge claims that he's going to be honest and proceeds to blame Donna for ruining Eric and Stephanie's marriage. Thorne and Felicia agree so Eric angrily adjourns the meeting and tells them not to come back until they've accepted Donna.

Later, Ridge calls a secret meeting to discuss finding a new leader for the company which outrages Brooke. After Ashley points out that Donna has no corporate experience, Brooke asks why Ashley is there. Ashley boasts that Ridge invited her as head of cosmetics.

Ridge suggests that Rick should also be gone from the company while Felicia states that Stephanie should be here. As Brooke stares in disbelief, Ridge gets everyone to agree that Eric's time is up as head of the company. Asking if she should look for another job, Brooke warns Ridge that if they take a stand against her family, they take one against her too.

Hearing Marcus is waiting, Donna sneaks him into Eric's office while her husband is gone. Donna asks him for proof of who he claims to be but when Katie calls with a suggestion, Donna invites Marcus to come see her sister.

After he meets Katie, he gets Donna to talk about the actual birth of the baby she gave up for adoption and shows his original birth certificate which seemingly confirms that he was that baby.

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