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The Bold and the Beautiful
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful,

Bridget admits to Nick that while she is interested to see where this new relationship may lead, she assures him that if it doesn't work out, she's not going to be angry with him. Stephanie guesses that Eric might be having second thoughts about marrying Donna but he denies it.

Eric urges Stephanie to consider remaining at the mansion but she reminds him it's a done deal. Brooke lays into her sister for denying that Storm gave her a gift but Katie bitterly reminds her that Storm killed himself because of her.

She denies that she should feel grateful and instead, admits the terrible, overwhelming guilt she feels that she'll never get over. Staring at Donna, she claims that she is the reason that Storm won't be walking her down the aisle tomorrow.

Brooke again urges her to be grateful to have a part of Storm with her forever but Katie demands that she stop calling her a sacred vessel for their brother's heart. Disgusted with her, Donna walks out, telling them both that she will get married tomorrow because Katie "seems to want that."

Out in the hall, Donna calls Eric and asks that they go ahead with the ceremony. As Stephanie overhears the news, she offers Eric one of her legendary martinis. He admits he'll miss her drinks and promises that he'll always love her in his own way.

Back in the hospital room, Brooke tells Katie she has a choice to accept or not accept Storm's "gift" and forgive him for what he did. Katie cries that she can't but Brooke demands that she do so.

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