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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 5.8.08

On today's The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric's thrilled to see Kristen has arrived for his wedding. Felicia suggests to Eric that there is still time for him to cancel the wedding and have a fancy dinner together instead.

When Rick accompanies Taylor to the ceremony, he insists that they can be together in spite of what "people may say." As Brooke and Ridge talk about Caroline's dying wish, Ashley interrupts and asks how Katie is.

Seeing them, Ridge chastises Rick for bringing Taylor while Brooke orders Taylor out onto the terrace where she blasts her rival for being "reckless" by flaunting her relationship with her son.

Donna confides to her father that it doesn't feel right not having Katie there. Stephen insists that she marry Eric because the family needs something to cheer about.

Meeting Pam, Stephen quickly guesses that she is Stephanie's sister when she boasts that he must be the father of the "slut." Before the music starts, Stephanie asks Eric to consider what his vows truly mean before he says them.

Eric interrupts Donna's vows as she leans toward recounting the terrible things that have happened in this house. He promises that he will always love her and then hesitates when he's about to announce whether he will marry her. Nick catches Katie re-reading Storm's letter.

He offers to find something with a happier ending and then chastises her for failing to realize how many people worked so hard to save her life. He suggests that if she can't appreciate what Storm did, she can certainly realize what Bridget did. Nick then offers to remind her of who she is.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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