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Rick admits to Taylor he came home late. Taylor upsets him when she confirms she told his mother that Ridge is the love of her life.

As he hops back out of bed, she promises that they'll make their own special memories.

Hearing he's going to work, Taylor mentions that she's going to Nick's for Jack's party. He reminds her they agreed it was not a good idea but she insists she'll be fine.

Taylor also tries to assure him that she loves him and is looking forward to their wedding. After Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks Taylor is going to marry Rick even though Ridge is the love of her life, she decides to have Jack's first birthday party at their place instead of Nick's.

She calls Nick but he reports it's too late as Katie has already decorated his place. Nick then confides to his mother that he wants nothing to do with Ridge and is lucky he's allowed to attend Jack's birthday party.

Brooke tries to help Katie get Jack dressed for the party but is rebuffed. Jackie then tries and won't allow Katie to keep her away. Remarking how curious she is that Donna ended things with Eric, Stephanie is curious to hear Ridge talk about his latest chat with Taylor.

When he mentions the agreement regarding Jack, Stephanie warns him that it's not going to work. Later, Stephanie urges Taylor to consider getting Ridge back in her life.

Ridge arrives in time to see Jackie calling Nick, Brooke and Jack a happy little family. He pulls Brooke aside and warns her that he is not happy to see her enjoying her time with Nick.

He adds that he is unwilling to share her with Nick.

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