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Ridge advises Brooke that he'll allow her to share a child with Nick, he will not accept sharing her with Nick. Brooke is outraged.

Apologizing, Ridge points out that the love she had in her eye during the photo session with Nick and Jack should be for him, not Nick.

While Rick is waiting for Taylor at Il Giordano to set the plans for their reception with a flirtatious catering manager, Stephanie tells her that Nick is an "ass."

Stephanie urges Taylor to realize that she can have Ridge back in her life. Taylor points out that she is again pushing her to get between Ridge and Brooke and she will not allow herself to be hurt once more.

Stephanie then tells her that Rick is too young for her and urges her to go after what is hers. Taylor stops by Nick's, too late for the party for Jack and finds Ridge arguing with Brooke.

Taylor gets Ridge to explain he's upset because of Brooke's feelings for Nick and when Taylor admits she's having second thoughts about giving up Jack, Ridge takes her out.

Later, Taylor apologizes for not talking to Ridge first about giving up custody of Jack. He advises her that there is nothing he wouldn't do for her.

Sensing he still has problems with Nick, Taylor urges Ridge not to marry Brooke. As she repeats it a few times, Brooke enters and accuses her of wanting Ridge.

She angrily orders Taylor to stay away. Rick's disgusted when Stephanie sits down in Taylor's place at the restaurant.

She warns him that Taylor is going to get back with Ridge. Rick doesn't believe her and leaves her to go taste some cake samples.

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