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Taylor confesses to Rick that she can't marry him. He reminds her that he's marrying Brooke about points out how her relationship with him failed.

When he can't get through to her, Rick walks out and Taylor removes her engagement ring. Eric surprises Stephanie with a romantic dinner at the house.

She stops him and explains that she must tell him about Donna.

She goes on to report that Donna still loves him and ended their marriage to protect him from Pam. Explaining her sister needs help, Stephanie seeks Eric's help with her plan.

Hearing about his chat with Taylor, Brooke tells Ridge that she's upset Taylor is trying to stop them from getting married.

When she admits she asked Taylor if she gave up Jack to help her cause, Ridge somberly tells her that Taylor was just trying to protect her son.

He then reminds her that she will not share Brooke with Nick.

Unaware they're talking about Stephanie helping protect her, Pam watches as Owen tries to convince Donna that he did the right thing to tell Stephanie about the danger from Pam.

Bothered by her unending headache, Pam grabs another pill from her purse. Called to Forrester, Ridge waits for Rick outside where Rick describes how much Ridge has hurt his family.

He points out that Ridge ruined his parents' marriage and has turned Taylor into an alcoholic. Rick vows to stop him from ever hurting Taylor again.

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