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Taylor tells Brooke she ended things with Rick. Brooke rips her for breaking her son's heart; Taylor reveals she kissed Ridge.

Brooke rips her but, reminding her how she stole Ridge from her years ago, Taylor boasts that she's ready to play that game now.

Calling her plan risky, Eric assures Stephanie that he will do whatever she asks in dealing with Pam together.

She then calls Donna and instructs her to do as she asked when Pam contacts her next. When Donna worries about "pulling this off," Owen assures her that she'll do fine.

When Pam calls, Donna lies that Pam's mother is ill after she arrived in L.A. for a quick visit.

Pam laughs at her scheme but Donna tells her to call Stephanie. When she does, Stephanie confirms that their mother is ill.

Eric congratulates Stephanie on hiring an ambulance to sit out front with its lights shining and then goes upstairs when Pam arrives.

After a touching embrace, Stephanie advises her sister that she lied to her and knows everything she has done. Rick is disgusted when Ridge tells him he's sorry Taylor ended their engagement.

He's upset further when Ridge hints that he knew before Rick about Taylor's decision. When Rick accuses him of leading Taylor on, Ridge insists he's committed to Brooke but Rick asks why he kissed Taylor if that's true.

He announces that he will never approve of a marriage between Ridge and Brooke because he took away his life with Taylor.

Rick then calls him a predator and punches him as Ridge tries to walk away. Rick hits him again and then grabs him from behind, trying to strangle him.

As they struggle, Ridge suddenly pushes him backwards and Rick falls over the ledge, hitting the pavement below.

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