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Owen tells Donna that Stephanie knows how to handle Pam. Stephanie explains that their mother is still in Chicago and Pam starts talking about how she tried to protect Stephanie as a kid.

Eric emerges from upstairs and blasts Pam for almost costing him his life. He insists that he has done nothing to hurt her and adds that he thought they were friends.

Eric calms down and Stephanie tries to talk to her sister. Pam suddenly becomes disturbed and talks about being put to sleep.

Stephanie and Eric are shocked as Pam screams and then passes out. Ordering an employee to call 911, Ridge rushes to Rick after his fall and complains when he finds blood oozing out of him.

When the ambulance arrives, Ridge downplays their argument earlier and insists on going to the hospital rather than waiting for the police to arrive.

After a call from Ridge, Brooke arrives at the hospital where she fears that Ridge was responsible for what's happened to her son.

Bridget interrupts and claims that while she's not an expert, she thinks that the worst that could have happened to Rick did not.

As Brooke waits for word from Dr. Simons, she worries to Bridget and Ridge that her son won't wake up.

Rick finally mumbles a word or two and asks what happened.

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