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Eric embraces Donna and thanks her for her heroic efforts. When she boasts that Pam will hopefully be in prison for the rest of her life, Eric speaks of a medical condition that may have sent Pam over the edge.

He describes how scar tissue in her brain may be the cause but Donna guesses she's faking and hurries to the hospital. There, Stephanie tells Donna that she doesn't care what she thinks about her sister.

Dr. Bauer reports that the surgery went well but that they won't know for sure until Pam wakes. Donna reacts to the news and, when Eric arrives, she downplays the surgeon's claims that the mass they removed was huge.

When Pam wakes and asks about Tiny, Stephanie reminds her that the dog died months ago. When Donna lists all she has done to her family, Pam claims she doesn't know what she's talking about.

As the doctor orders more tests to determine why Rick's legs are paralyzed, Rick tells Ridge, Brooke and Bridget it's not necessary because it's obvious that he's an "invalid" now.

As Rick stares at him, Ridge apologizes but again claims it was an accident. Rick orders him to get out and says that he has brought nothing but anguish to his mother's life.

He describes how much pain he and Bridget had to suffer while he chose his "flavor of the day." He vows not to allow him to take another thing away from him.

Out in the hall, Ridge assures Brooke that Rick will calm down and realize the truth. Bridget interrupts with a report that it may just be swelling around the spinal column that is causing the paralysis.

Unimpressed, Rick asks his mother for a favor and requests that she put Ridge out of their lives for his sake.

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