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Donna insists to Eric and Stephanie that Pam's memory loss is a scheme. She is shocked to realize Eric doesn't think Pam should go to prison.

Stephanie pulls Eric aside and asserts that Pam is not going to prison.

She explains that their mother wants to take her back to Chicago where she will get the help she needs. Stephanie orders him to convince Donna to agree not to testify against her sister.

Eric does as ordered and asks Donna not to testify.

In spite of the talk about cancer being found in the woman's brain tumor, Donna refuses to believe that Pam is not a threat to her.

Just then, Ann arrives and firmly tells Donna that she will not allow her baby to be put behind bars.

She promises to have her placed in a facility that can help her.

Donna refuses so Eric reminds her how his family showed compassion for her brother. Donna reluctantly agrees as long as Ann keeps Pam in Chicago.

But when she returns by herself to the sick woman's room, Donna worries when Pam uses the word "bear" as she talks about how sorry she is.

When Rick tells his mother that she can't marry a guy who tried to kill him, Brooke reminds her son that she and Ridge are engaged.

Rick asks when she's going to put him first in her life.

When she doesn't answer, he tells her not to come back if she walks out the door. Brooke slowly does just that. Taylor arrives and tells Rick that she still cares about him. He orders her to get out.

Steffy is next for a visit and claims that her mother never told her that she was still in love with her father.

Brooke returns home and somberly tells Ridge that Rick told her he'll have no room in his life for her if they marry.

Ridge insists they will marry and that Rick will get past this. Brooke confronts Taylor and blames her for what has happened to Rick. She claims that her lies caused Rick and Ridge to fight.

Crying now, an angry Brooke mutters that "this is war."

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