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Taylor goes on the attack and claims that she is not going to take this from Brooke anymore. Taylor says that if she wants war then she is ready for it and will take back her husband.

Brooke boasts that she and Ridge are going to marry but Taylor claims that she'll respect that marriage as much as Brooke respected hers.

She again warns that she is taking back what is hers and challenges her to try and stop her. Stephanie downplays Rick's complaints about him but does agree that Ridge is making a mistake marrying Brooke again.

She plays up all the good things about Taylor.

She makes him feel a bit guilty by pointing out he failed to give Taylor any support when she was trying to bond with Jack.

Eric encourages Rick to believe that he will walk again.

Rick angrily blames his agony on Ridge but Eric asks him to stop and insists that Ridge and Brooke are making their wedding plans. Rick vows to stop them.

Nick overhears Katie telling Jack that she wishes that she was his mother. When Katie suggests that they keep Jack for a few more days to help out Brooke during this troubling time, Nick reminds her that the boy needs to connect to his mother and that his mother is Brooke.

Katie's not pleased by the reminder.

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