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Donna updates Marcus after her visit with Eric. Owen confronts Donna and accuses her getting him being fired.

She denies it but advises him that she's still with Eric.

Telling her she shouldn't be with a man the same age as her father, Owen urges her to admit that she still loves him and choose to be with him.

Donna confirms that she had feelings for Owen but insists she only loves and wants Eric. Owen claims that he's acccepted her decision though he assures her that he will always love her.

As Marcus delivers a crate containing the latest shoe designs, Pam uses binoculars to watch them. Marcus opens the crate and jokes to his mother about her love for shoes.

A snake inside the crate strikes, biting Marcus who collapses to the ground. Felicia and Thorne urge Stephanie to go see what Eric has decided where Donna is concerned.

Stephanie asks for time and when her children decide they should be the ones to insure Eric has rejected Donna, Stephanie gets an idea and runs out.

At the hospital, Katie starts crying as her doctor reports that she has lost her unborn baby. She later suggests to Nick that he can now be with whomever he wants.

Nick tells her that she is that woman.

After Ridge and Brooke hear the sad news, Katie asks to see her sister and convinces her to hand over Jack for a few moments.

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