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Katie asks Brooke if she'll allow Jack to spend a few days with her. Brooke agrees and later worries to Ridge about her decision.

Ridge assures her that she did the right thing. He downplays her concern that Katie will think of Jack as her own.

While holding the baby with Nick by her side, Katie comments how much the boy looks like her own baby pictures.

As she stares out her window and remembers Ridge making love to her, Taylor is caught off guard when Rick appears and announces that they're getting married next week.

The doctor assures Donna that Marcus will be fine after the snake bite but insists that he stay in the hospital overnight to receive more of the antidote.

Marcus suggests to his mother that the next time she orders snake-skin shoes that she insist that the snake be dead first.

Finding Stephanie in the hall wondering how Marcus is, Donna blasts her for coming. Pointing out Marcus was hurt while at Forrester, Stephanie insists that she is there for the sake of the company too but Donna guesses that Stephanie and her crazy sister are responsible for the snake attack.

Stephanie claims this was just a crazy accident. Calming down, Donna points out that this is something Pam would have done and asks if she has heard from her. Stephanie denies it and claims Pam's not a psychotic killer.

Reminding her about the bear incident at the cabin, Donna asks for her help protecting her. Steffy enters Marcus' hospital room, crying. He tries to calm her down and reminds her that he has big plans for the two of them.

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