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Donna pleads with Stephanie to work together to find Pam.

Boasting that there have been many times Pam was off her meds, Stephanie accuses Donna of being off base in her accusations.

Donna can't believe she's defending her sister but Stephanie points out how difficult it would be for Pam to arrange the delivery of the snake.

Donna relents and agrees to wait for the police to find Pam. Stephanie boasts that she and Eric will be together for the rest of their lives.

Donna runs to see Eric and tells him about Marcus and the snake attack.

He's relieved to hear that he's okay.

After Brooke updates Beth about Katie losing her baby, Taylor arrives and tells her rival that she and Rick are getting married next week.

She insists that Brooke attend the ceremony because she is Rick's mother but tells her she doesn't have to be there.

Hearing about Katie's miscarriage, Taylor points out it's odd that someone like Katie can be around a baby after losing her own.

Owen stops by the hospital to visit with Marcus and finds Steffy kissing him. Marcus explains that he was bitten by a cobra found in a package sent to his mother.

He also orders Owen to stay away from Donna.

Brooke calls Donna and asks her to hurry to home because Beth has been hit by a car. When she arrives, Beth tells her and Brooke that she feels the car was deliberately trying to hit her.

While Brooke takes Beth to the hospital for treatment, Owen arrives at Brooke's mansion and learns about the hit-and-run.

Donna pleads with him to stay away. After he leaves, Pam suddenly appears and threatens to kill her if she doesn't stay away from Eric.

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