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Donna tries to remain calm and reminds Pam that she hasn't been taking her medication. Pam orders her to stay away from Eric.

Donna panics that she means to kill Eric and points out how awful she felt after Eric almost died from her brownies.

Pam hides when Hope and R.J. are dropped off.

Donna sends the kids upstairs to get ready for bed. Pam returns and comments on how cute Hope is.

Boasting that she doesn't know what she might do, Pam orders Donna to get Eric back with Stephanie or else she'll "tan someone's hide and not with spray-on."

Marcus is surprised when the Forrester family and Taylor stop by the hospital for a visit.

After they wish him well, Marcus asks to speak to Eric alone and advises him that Donna is so in love with him that she would be willing to give her life for him.

He asks her to forgive his mother and give her another chance.

Out in the hall, Taylor's uncomfortable when she announces to the Forresters that she and Rick are getting married next week.

Back in the room with Marcus, Taylor asks Steffy to be her maid of honor while Rick convinces Marcus to be his best man.

When Eric later arrives at Brooke's place, and tells Donna that he misses her, he kisses her but she runs from him.

He confronts her and claims he wants to talk to her but she spots a nearby Pam staring at her.

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