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Dr. Seifert warns Stephanie that Eric is not getting better. His signs are slowing down and "something" is about to happen.

Stephanie advises Ridge, Felicia and Thorne that she wants them to make peace with Eric for their sake and for Eric's sake.

As this emotional episode of The Bold and the Beautiful continues, Thorne is first and talks about how he always compared himself to Ridge because of Eric.

He apologizes to his father and claims he doesn't blame him for anything.

Felicia is next and states that she doesn't believe what Stephanie has told them. She does however kiss him and tell him that she forgives him.

Ridge assures Eric that he loves him and has no problems with him. Stephanie finishes by telling him how much she loves him.

She then admits to the children that she canceled the nurse and is going to let him die if it's time.

After she washes his feet and recites some tender words, Eric wakes.

As the children marvel, Stephanie tells him that he's home.

Donna and Owen fly back from Paris on the Forrester jet and talk about the success of the new line. Donna guesses the family is finally coming around where she and Eric are concerned.

As they arrive in L.A., Owen offers to stay with Donna just to make sure she is safe.

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