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Donna explains to Marcus what happened when Eric found her kissing Owen.

She insists Owen was just comforting her but fears her son doesn't believe her.

Donna reminds him that Eric is the only man for her and asks him to find a way to get her letter to Eric. As he leaves with the letter, he runs into Owen.

Marcus invites him in to hear what his mother has to say and asks him to do everyone a favor and leave town for good.

Inside, Donna asks him to help her convince Eric that he was mistaken by what he saw. Owen refuses and claims she'll get a good settlement.

Donna explains that she doesn't want to end her marriage and adds that she never wants to see him again. Owen kisses her, claiming that Eric will never be able to give her this.

Rick asks Brooke to give him and Taylor more time to learn how to handle Jack.

Ridge finds them talking but hearing his voice, Rick walks away.

Rick and Bridget arrive at the house to see Eric and she refuses to talk with Thorne about Katie's pregnancy.

Stephanie instructs them as to what they can and can't tell Eric and then allows them in to see him. She fumes when Rick gets assurances from Eric that he'd like to see Brooke too.

Downstairs, Marcus bursts into the house and past Thorne, vowing to see Eric. Marcus embraces a pleased Eric and starts reading Donna's letter before a security guard removes him.

As he's removed, he secretly drops the letter in Eric's lap.

After they leave, Eric reads the remainder of the letter which Stephanie grabs and rips up, though Eric manages to keep the last page on which she writes she'll never give up on being with him.

Rick is outraged to find his mother calling Nick about getting help for Jack.

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