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Desperate Donna complains to Brooke about being kept from Eric. Brooke does admit that she too has not been allowed to see Eric.

Marcus interrupts and warns a departing Brooke about dealing with Stephanie. Once Brooke leaves, Donna complains to her son that she's got to figure out a way for her to see Eric.

He calms her and suggests that he has a "real smooth" way to get her into the house. After a quick exam, Eric's doctor warns Stephanie and Ridge about something "heavy" weighing on Eric's mind.

When a guard notifies Stephanie that Brooke is outside, demanding entrance, Stephanie won't allow it but Ridge tells the guard to let her inside.

Brooke and Ridge assure Stephanie that Eric would want to see her.

Stephanie reluctantly allows her to enter his bedroom after warning her not to mention Donna's name. Brooke is thrilled to see Eric who calls her by name.

Eric asks Ridge and Stephanie to leave him alone with Brooke. Once they leave, Brooke tells Eric about Pam attacking Donna and that Marcus was the person who figured out that he had been poisoned.

Admitting she's surprised he wasn't told this, Brooke goes on and on about how her sister has been by his bedside everyday to support him.

Mentioning how Donna's been running the company as he would want it run, Brooke urges him to hear all of this directly from his wife.

An anxious Stephanie barges in and grabs Brooke, pulling her from Eric's bed and ordering her to get out.

Brooke accuses her of doing this to keep Eric from being with Donna and insists that Eric must make up his own mind about his marriage.

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