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Brooke argues with Stephanie about keeping the truth from Eric. She then tells Eric that she first saw Donna in bed with Owen.

Pointing out that Stephanie did not confront Donna, Brooke says Stephanie sent Donna to Paris on business with Owen to keep her away from him.

Brooke urges Eric to remember how much Donna loves him but Stephanie demands that she stop before she "pushes him over the edge."

Downstairs, Thorne and Ridge eye the latest crate that has arrived and guess it's more medical equipment to help with Eric's rehabilitation.

Ridge mentions that Brooke is upstairs with Eric and Stephanie and he thinks she's the only person who might be able to convince Eric to forgive Donna.

Thorne wonders aloud if his marriage plans are on hold again but Ridge insists he intends to marry her.

Talking about the conflict between the families, talk turns to a discussion about a still-loose Pam.

Brooke interrupts, warning that she was kicked out and arguing with Thorne about Donna's love for his father.

While Stephanie confronts Brooke downstairs and argues about who is the best woman for Eric, Donna slips out of the crate that was just delivered and makes her way upstairs and into Eric's room.

There, she insists on telling Eric all that has happened since he was poisoned and vows to stay there no matter how many guards Stephanie has at her command.

What happens next? Tune in next week to The Bold and the Beautiful!

The Bold and the Beautiful
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