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Brooke enlists Ridge's help in the moving day for Bridget.

Nick pleads with Bridget not to move but she assures him that she will always love him.

When Ridge arrives, he lets them both know that he feels this is the right thing to do.

Later, Ridge tells Nick that he blames him for hurting Bridget and that he never wants to have anything to do with him after the move is done.

Up at Big Bear, Taylor and Rick are relieved after Jack slept through the night.

However, Rick explains that he feels that she will never be able to raise Jack because of Brooke's involvement.

Revealing that Brooke is on her way up to the cabin with her kids for the apple festival, Rick asks Taylor to consider doing an experiment he'd like to conduct.

When Brooke arrives, Rick sets his experiment into motion and Brooke is unaware of what he is doing.

But as the kids go off to play with the baby, Taylor remarks how happy they all are.

Curious as to why he and Taylor are there with Jack knowing that she was bringing her kids up for the festival, Brooke is surprised to hear Rick admit that Taylor is still having trouble bonding with Jack.

As he talks, she begins to realize that they are considering allowing her to take care of Jack.

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