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Bridget is surprised that Kate hasn't moved in with Nick.

When Katie hints that this has not been easy for her, Bridget has no sympathy for her.

Bringing a crying Jack home, Taylor warns Nick that she's going to need his help in accepting a decision she has made.

Pointing to the crying toddler, Taylor explains that Jack must connect with the person he knows as his mother and that's not her.

She confides that she has never thought that she could compete with Brooke.

Nick assures her that he can be a single parent and wonders if a year or two away from their son would help.

Taylor explains that Brooke is ready to be Jack's mother and that she was amazed to see how happy the boy was in his short time with Brooke at Big Bear.

Later, Taylor holds Jack and says a tearful goodbye to her son.

Glowing because of Taylor's decision, Brooke tells Ridge that she thinks Bridget made the right decision to end her marriage for the sake of the baby and adds that she meant Jack, not Katie's unborn baby.

Ridge reminds her that he thought that she was out of Nick's life and when she continues to talk about the bad blood that exists, he accuses her of always defending his brother.

She speaks up for Ridge and then is thrilled when Ridge confirms that he has no problem with the idea of adding more kids to their family.

After sex, Brooke finally gets the nerve to tell him what happened up at the cabin and reveals that Taylor wants her to be Jack's mother.

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