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Ridge suggests to Brooke that she needs to get being Jack's mom in writing. Brooke claims it's not necessary. He offers to have the lawyer call Nick.

Ridge warns her that Nick may not want him to have anything to do with Jack. Asking her not to feel guilty, Nick tells Katie that he wants them to be together with Jack and invites her to move in with them.

Katie runs to Brooke's place to give the thrilling news to Beth.

Her mother asks her if she is sure about doing this and Katie explains all the thought she has put into this decision, adding that Bridget all but told her to be with Nick.

Beth worries that she's moving too fast with Nick and adds her concern about how this will affect her relationship with Bridget.

Katie claims this is making her happier than she has ever been and wonders if she wants that for her.

Ridge and Brooke confront Nick about Jack who assures them he knows all about Taylor's decision.

Ridge admits that he still has reservations about the idea of Brooke being Jack's mother causing Nick to ask if he will be able to tolerate having Nick in his life.

Brooke explains that Ridge has okayed this decision and Ridge asks if Nick can deal with him being in Nick's life.

He explains their desire to have this shared custody made legal to protect them as Jack's mother and step-father.

Nick eventually agrees to have his lawyers draw up the document. Ridge watches as a teary-eyed Brooke embraces Nick.

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