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Jane gets assigned a sex column piece about her best orgasm. It turns out that Jane has never had an orgasm, with Kat and Sutton advising her to talk to her doctor first. 

While talking to her doctor in the elevator, Jane ends up yelling about her probelm in front of a sex writer from another magazine named Ryan.

Jane and Kat visit a sexologist, who gives her a few assignments. Sutton, Kat, and Jane watch porn as part of it. Jane ends up thinking about Ryan while watching it. She tries a yoni ball and it ends up stuck, with Kat having to pull it out.

Jane goes off on Ryan, saying he doesn't think about women and their needs.

She ends up writing an article about never having an orgasm, but wanted to publish it without her name.

Jacqueline and Jane talk about her article, and Jacqueline allows Jane to publish anonymously if she really talks about her experience. Jane even ends up kissing Ryan before leaving to finish the article with her name attached.

Kat gets asked about a follow up on Adena's story, to which she says that Adena actually deleted all her social media. Kat decides to call her, not getting an answer. She reveals to her friends that she had a sex dream about Adena. 

Adena visits Kat at work and explains that she got an increase in death threats so she needed to ditch her phone. Adena agrees to interview with Alex, but invites Kat to her gallery show as well.

After helping Jane, Kat decides she can't be into women. But she sees Adena and gets jealous when she sees her with her girlfriend.

Sutton gains the courage to pitch to her boss about a promotion. She brings up something in the business field because of her degree, but isn't so sure about going down the practical path when she is so into fashion. Lauren sets an informational interview up with Richard, where she mentions that she went the practical route because she needed to be an adult.

Richard says Sutton should go for a job in Ad Sales.

Alex assists Sutton with her decision on applying for the job.

Kat and Sutton argue because Kat thinks Ad Sales might be boring. 

Sutton ends up getting the job but Alex points out that her dream isn't the money. This gets her thinking about following her dream in fashion. 


The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jane: We're both straight.
Kat: Actually, since we're here, I am having these sexual identity issues.

Mr. Grey will see you now.