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Jane and Pinstripe are in the shower together. During shower sex Jane lets an I love you slip. Pinstripe tries to blow past it, saying he knows what they are and it's fine because she didn't mean it. 
Jacqueline assigns Jane a feature piece on a new dating app. Sutton and Kat have to choose the date for her though. 
She ends up having a great time with the guy and decides to see him again, checking with Pinstripe and realizing that he doesn't have an issue since he is seeing other people too.
After seeing Jacqueline's relationship with her husband, Jane decides she is looking for love and not to juggle men. She tells Ryan and they break up their casual thing because neither want to change what they are looking for in a relationship. 
Sutton tells Richard about Alex knowing about them. She brings up that he hasn't gotten to know his friends so he pitches the idea of a dinner. 
Oliver clues Sutton in on networking, she needs to build connections to be useful as an assistant. 
She attends an event with assistants in the fashion industry but can't click with anyone at first. She ends up getting high because she didn't realize what the high tea meant, and she goes to the dinner and ends up in the bathtub with Jane and Kat.
The dinner ends up nothing go as planned and then when Kat goes in Richard's office, Sutton and Richard realize this isn't working and break up.
Kat talks to Jacqueline about a medical article that was inaccurate. Kat has to explain to the new member of the magazine about fact checking before posting.
She ends up going to Richard when he clues Jacqueline into a new issue and puts his relationship with Sutton at risk in the process. 
The issue continues until Kat has to fire Natalie herself.
The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Single and ready to mingle!


Kat: Are you drunk?
Jane: Yeah, I had an assignment that involved cocktails and I'm tiny.