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Jacqueline tells Kat that there are layoffs happening in other magazines owned by the board, and with print percentages down, Scarlet could be next. Because Kat is the Social Media Director she can't be fired, but Sutton and Jane are at risk. Kat confides in Adena, who she talks to while the other girl is in Paris.

Kat is worried for her friends and even mentions to Adena that Scarlet is all she knows but she thought about what else she could do. She starts to imagine going to Paris if she was the one getting fired, but the next day Jacqueline actually offers Kat even more responsibility in her current position.

Adena tells Kat that things aren't working with Coco and she is brave enough for the two of them to return to NY.

Jane becomes worried about her job when rumors of lay offs start, with Alex even taking an interview he was offered prior to because he thinks he needs to plan his next job. Jane is determined to stay at Scarlet, even looking at fashion articles she could cover to raise her views up because her political pieces aren't doing as well.

She gets offered a chance to interview at the same place that Alex did, going against him in the process. At first she doesn't want to but after realizing that she may lose her job, Jane goes and gets offered a chance to have her own platform there.

Sutton is determined to not be fired since she was the last one hired at the fashion department. With Oliver out of town it is up to Sutton and another coworker to style and complete a shoot. But when it is time to actually get all the looks photographed and official, the coworker bails and Sutton steps up to make the decisions so they complete the work. 

The coworker takes credit for Sutton's work in front of Jacqueline but she finds out that Sutton was the one behind it when the photographer mentions it later. Jacqueline tells Sutton to speak up about her work and confirms that she isn't fired.

The three girls go one a group date, and only Kat is happy with her date until he tries to ruin the memories Kat had with Adena so she leaves alone. Sutton can't stop thinking about Richard, although she clues Alex in on them not being together anymore.

Sutton calls and leaves a voicemail for Richard saying she misses him, then gets the option to delete it instead of sending and she decides not to send it. 

Once lay offs are put off the table, Jane gets a call from the rival publication offering her the job. 

The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Adena: But what if I was? What if I were to book a ticket back to New York?
Kat: Yeah you should do that. You should be brave.

You need to start speaking up for yourself.